Bin Liners

Poly-Corr Industries is your Bin Liner headquarters. We carry form fit disposable bin liners in every size and all liners are packaged on rolls or individually in boxes.

Bin Liners


  • Stock items include 20, 30, and 40 yard Roll-Off and End-Dump liners.
  • Available on rolls or folded neatly in boxes.
  • Available in clear or our recycled resin black color.
  • Gusseted so installation minimizes labor costs.
  • Perfect for Rail Cars and Gondolas
  • Mil thickness between 2 mil and 10 mil

We can also fill Custom Orders to fit your needs!

Disposable Form-Fitting Polyethylene Liners For:

  • End Dumps
  • Rail Cars
  • Bulk Bags
  • Roll-Offs
  • Drums
  • 1.0 and 1.3 Cubic Yard Boxes

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