Shrink Wrap and Guns

Poly-Corr Industries is your Shrink Wrap Specialist. If you need a particle protective seal on anything from a pallet of bricks to the Spruce Goose, look no further than Poly-Corr. Let us show you how easy it is to protect your vested interest using quality ShrinkFast Guns and Parts.

Shrink Wrap and Guns


  • Adjustable power - 134,000 BTU/HR (39KW @ 15 PSI to 12,000 BTU/HR) (62KW @ 30 PSI)
  • Adjustable combustor orientation by depressing a single button
  • Quick disconnect combustor for extension use
  • Five-sided strength and protection for any pallet load
  • Stronger force to load than either stretch wrapping or banding
  • Complete water and dust protection
  • Reduces pilferage
  • Simplifies load identification
  • Protects assets from the elements or theft
Other Features
  • Portability: Completely portable and hand held with no electrical connections and weighing less than 4 pounds. It can easily be carried to any job inside or out.
  • Economical: Uses less than three cents of fuel per pallet, makes it the least expensive way to shrink wrap and is competitive with low energy stretch systems.
  • Operator Ease: Lightweight and perfectly balanced for operator comfort. Cool combustor for operator safety.
  • Versatility: Produces five-sided protection for any size or shape load from small uneven pallets to larger pieces of machinery.
  • Speed: Can shrink a 40" X 48" X 60" pallet in less than two minutes and is easy to operate, requiring no training or set-up time.

Poly-Corr also provides shrink wrap film and tape in all sizes.

Standard Packaging

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