Drum Liners

Poly-Corr Industries carries a wide variety of FDA Approved Liners and Inserts.

Drum Liners


  • All liners are FDA Approved
  • Liners for any sizes
  • LDPE or Polypropylene for liquid and heat resistance up to 320° F
  • Heavy drum liners available w/side walls of 18 and 30 mil.
  • Specially processed thin lip for easy, gap-free lid closing
  • Economical round bottom liners
  • Special protection of a barrier-film liner
  • Fits new and reconditioned steel drums as well as fiber and plastic drums
  • Holds most viscous products and liquids, even in fiber drums
  • Keeps drums and pails clean and out of the waste stream
  • Extends the life cycle of your drums
  • Increases product recovery and decreases waste
  • Captures and controls product residue
  • Use rugged pumping, mixing and even rolling of drums
  • Tough, leak-proof and vacuum-formed
  • Available with anti-static additives

Available Products

  • Insert liners
  • Liners for chemicals
  • Drum Covers
  • Dust Caps
  • Drum Lids

Environmental Products

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