Trash Can Liners

Poly-Corr Industries carries Trash Can Liners that will fit your trash can and your budget. Protect your work area, containers and the environment with trash liners from Poly-Corr Industries.

Trash Can Liner

Choose the right trash liner for the right application

Linear Low Density

Recommended for sharper objects under tougher transport conditions. Linear low density trash bags have excellent resistance to punctures and tearing.

  • Puncture Resistance: Good
  • Tear Resistance: Greater
  • Load Capacity: Good

High Density

Great for paper and non-sharp objects under moderate transportation conditions. Uses less plastic than linear low density garbage bags. High density garbage bags have excellent resistance to puncture and high resistance to tearing.

  • Puncture Resistance: Greater
  • Tear Resistance: Good
  • Load Capacity: Greater

Mil (one thousandth of an inch)
One mil equals .001". Can liners range between .35 to 4.0 mils

25.4 microns equals .001". 1,000 microns (M) is 1mm. Can liners range between 5 to 24 microns

Understanding Gauge thickness

Gauge is a term used to describe thickness. Film thickness is no longer the standard for judging plastic can liner strength. Advanced resins and additives have allowed manufacturers to produce thinner, lighter can liners that are stronger than thicker trash can liners made from lesser quality materials. Linear Low-Density Can Liners (LLD) are measured by mil thickness; High-Density Can Liners (HD) are measured by Micron thickness.

Approximate gauge equivalents for static load
Linear Low Density High Density
Refuse .30-.35 Mil 6 Mic
Light .36-.49 Mil 7-9 Mic
Medium .50-.60 Mil 10-12 Mic
Heavy .61-.74 Mil 13-14 Mic
Extra Heavy .75-.80 Mil 15-17 Mic
Super Tuff .81-1.0 Mil 18-24 Mic
Super Heavy 1.1-1.2 Mil
XX Heavy 1.3-1.9 Mil
XXX Heavy 2.0-3.0 Mil
Static load (lifting strength) is the best way to choose can liner strength.
Gauge thickness
Mil Thickness Approx. Micron Equivalent
.23 6
.27 7
.31 8
.35 9
.39 10
.43 11
.47 12
.51 13
.55 14
.59 15
Mil Thickness Approx. Micron Equivalent
.62 16
.66 17
.70 18
.74 19
.78 20
.82 21
.86 22
.90 23
.94 24
.98 25
Trash Can Liner

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