Seal Top Bags

Seal in the quality of your products with a wide variety of Poly-Corr Industries seal top Bags.

Seal Top Bags

Seal Top Bags

  • FDA Approved
  • Economical way to package or enclose objects
  • Can be heat sealed, stapled or taped at either end or both ends

Static Control Products

  • Static Shielding Bags
  • Buried Metal Construction Double Protection
  • Amine/Amide-Free Interior
  • Transparent
  • Full Heat Sealable
  • 3/8' Mil-Spec Seal on all Bags

Anti-Static Bags

  • Help protects sensitive components from static damage
  • Wide range of sizes available
  • All Bags can be taped, stapled, or heat-sealed
  • Anti-Static Bags
  • White Write-On Block
  • Red Line Seal-Top
  • All Sizes and Gauges

Standard Packaging

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