Throw 'n Snap Berm

Throw 'n Snap Berms are the most versatile spillberms on the market. In the event of a spill, the wall acts as a catch basin. Throw 'n Snap Berms require no assembly and the walls lay flat when not in use. Walls can either be used in an upright position using interior wall support, or can lay flat without effecting functionality. These berms also can be driven on at any angle.

Throw n Snap Berm

Throw 'n Snap spill berms are perfect for jobs in highly regulated areas such as refineries. With the Throw 'n Snap you can meet regulations by having the containment walls upright at all times without having to deal with brackets that are a pain to install and also hard to keep track of. The versatility of the Throw 'n Snap is what makes it one of the best spill berms on the market


  • No assembly required, just Throw and Go
  • Design allows berm walls to be flat OR upright when not in use
  • Can be driven on at any angle
  • Optional ground and track mats available that are welded inside the berm increasing puncture resistance and life of berm
  • Heavy duty 30 oz. fabric is appropriate for water, hydrocarbons, and most chemicals
  • Most versatile berm on the market
  • Available in custom sizes to fit your needs
  • Meets US regulations for spill containment
  • Provides great revenue stream in the rental market

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